Premier Staffing Solutions in Singapore

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, The Partnered Services is a dedicated partner in your success!

For many years, we have been putting the right people in the right place at the right time, helping our clients’ business flourish. We provide fulfilling employment opportunities to job seekers while delivering dedicated and passionate candidates who are ready to work to employers.


The Partnered Services offers solutions to a wide range of industries. We make conscious efforts to help organisations cover various employment categories. We have a proven record and method for targeting, engaging and qualifying top talent from energy to infrastructure.


The need for more qualified energy staffing candidates is a result of increased economic growth of wind, solar and geothermal technologies in particular geographic areas. Energy companies will need the advantage to find and keep the best employees while driving operational and cost efficiencies to compete with traditional forms of energy.


Being focused, flexible, and fast are the keys to success in the infrastructure industry. Today’s infrastructure companies compete on a global scale and should have the capability to respond to any shifts in their markets.

The Partnered Services is ready to seek the right resources to help infrastructure companies with different challenges.


We work with chemical manufacturing companies of all natures and sizes. We work with you to determine what types of positions you need to be filled, the skills needed, and what your company culture is like.


As utilities depend on the efficient use of resources to succeed, so do their IT departments. Working in tandem with different agencies, utility agencies experience rigorous regulations.

Our experience working with these firms perfectly complements utility company needs. Our team has the experience of finding the skillsets for working with systems that affect these groups.


The oil and gas jobs industry has gone through many ups and downs. Most organisations have focused their efforts on hiring contract staff as the markets stabilise. Our recruits are one of the most adaptable and are continuously learning along with those new trends and developments.

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